FCC ISQA - Personal Library

Having trouble interpreting what this user-story means:

  1. I will see that the site is powered by ‘PHP 4.2.0’ even though it isn’t as a security measure.

Why is this not a security measure?

This challenge portrays it as a security measure - https://learn.freecodecamp.org/information-security-and-quality-assurance/information-security-with-helmetjs/hide-potentially-dangerous-information-using-helmet-hidepoweredby

What am I missing here?

Maybe I was missing reading this: https://github.com/expressjs/express/pull/2813#issuecomment-159270428

found here:

Please add comments if it is something else.

What’s missing are useful parentheses in the user story. It probably should have been written something like this:

  1. I will see that the site is powered by ‘PHP 4.2.0’ (even though it isn’t) as a security measure.