FCC Keyboard shortcut question/behavior

Hi, there is a subtle site behavior I noticed on here that if the [Menu] is opened by either using the kb shortcut of [=] or using a mouse, trackpad, etc. followed by pressing the shortcut (p) to open one’s [Profile], the [Menu] remains open while the [Profile] button is highlighted yet the drop-down is inactive?

My questions is whether it should it be the case where either should occur:

  1. The [Menu] were to close and [Profile] open
  2. The [Profile] button become enabled but not stay on as it is in the present state

Please see the following before/after the [Profile] menu opened via the shortcut.

FCC uses discourse for its forum, and looks like this is intended behavior.

There is a post on a discourse forum regarding this, but without any activity:

You can try to ask your question there.

Thank you for the link. In regards to my original post, I see that the opposite test partially works when you have the [Profile] menu open followed by the [Menu] as it subsequently closes or perhaps just overlaps the [Profile] menu as what was observed on the Discourse post.