FCC Landing Page - Good Coffee

Hello, just finished my landing page. Over all I am happy with this project. Should be responsive. Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Project Link - https://codepen.io/lindleycaleb/full/LJVRPG/


Look great to me man! Good design. I was curious where do you get your assets (images, etc).

EDIT: You wanna work on the responsiveness of your webpage it isn’t tip-top yet. Also style your email input as well as your sub button.

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Make text 100% width on smaller screens.

Change these buttons to make them look interesting.


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Thanks! I use https://unsplash.com/ Its all free without copyright. Photographers around the world donate their photos. Pretty cool.

And okay, cool. I’ll revisit the responsiveness. I also though about trying to style the buttons but didn’t and now I see I should have followed that nudge so I’ll go back and do that.

Thank you!


Right on! Thank you for this. I will go back and make those corrections. Its these kinds of details that make a page stand out.

100% width on smaller screens is good advice. I need as much help as I can get with responsiveness right now.

Thank you!

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Really impressed with the design :slight_smile:
The only thing I can see, is the subtitle ‘Established’ clashes a bit with the background.
And maybe you can style the footer a bit, cause it’s looking a little bland right now.


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