FCC - Landing Page (Mobile Application)

Hi everyone,

So i just completed my landing page project. At first i was looking for good design & i tried to design it on my own but wasn’t satisfied. So, i was looking at some youtube tutorials & came across Kevin Powel’s channel. This guy is a genius in front-end & he has some awesome tutorials to help you understand main concepts of CSS3. I found tutorials very detailed & easy to understand.

Kevin’s YouTube Channel Link

He has a series for responsive website & i took a design from it & added some bits & pieces to meet requirement of FCC Tests.

I have built it using SASS. So i also learned SASS. Then I copied generated CSS at Codepen. I have used Git & Github. So i got to work using branches & pull requests.

Here is a Github Link of Project

Here is a my final outcome. Product Landing Page - Codepen Link

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you & keep coding.

Hello, I’ve been looking at your landing page and the truth is that I find it very well done, the structure, colors seem appropriate.
I have also found that in some buttons the height is different, review it.
Regards! :grinning:

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Thank you for the feedback.

I am using firefox & height of buttons is consistent for me. I have to check it in chrome.

Are you using chrome ?


I am not able to solve it. For some strange reasons in google chrome the height of input[type="submit"] is less than height in firefox. Dk why.
Can you help me ?

If I have been reviewing it and it happens because in some buttons you use links and in which it appears different it is an input and it is usually difficult to control styles for forms between different browsers, since some will respect the css height rules and others will not. It occurs to me to try to solve it by applying the padding property to the input. Good luck.

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Fixed it.
Had to style that input button differently.

Thank You.

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