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Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you in for your patience in all my constant questioning. :pray:

Right now with this project that I’m doing, I am having major issues that I can’t figure out (MyCodPen )
I have multiple questions about my project, but I’m going to ask the questions one by one. :bowing_woman: :sweat_smile:

1st ISSUE:

I’d like to align the apple image #header-img that I’m trying to make as the icon with the contents inside my navigation on the center, evenly spaced out. Another thing that I have noticed is that when I resize the browser, the #header-img also resizes which I don’t want :frowning:
As a reference, I have used this codepen Reference , but mines did not turn out the way the reference turned out.

Could someone explain to me where I’m doing wrong and why? :thinking:

Thank you!

@KO-d14 I think if you change the % to px in CSS width property for the #header-img then it wouldn’t resize.

You need to save the image in the same folder where the css and html files are set to the .jpg extension.Then specify the file name with the jpg extension in src and set the width and height of the logo in img.for example (

img class= "logo-img" src="p.jpg" width= "50px" height="30px" ALT= "align box" ALIGN=CENTER>)

Hi @n000b1 !

Got it! Thank you very much for the tip :smile:

Hello everyone,

I am in a small conundrum for a FCC project that I’m doing :

When running the test, it says I am missing the following test:

5. When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.

However, when I checked all of my <li>s in my nav it would take me to the corresponding section of the page. In the html my hrefs all have the #(name)
Am I missing something ? :thinking:

Thank you in advance!

Hey, the nav-link class should have a href applied to the same element. In your case you can solve this by moving your classes from your li‘s to your a tags instead.

Hope this helps.

Hi @jonathankerr !

Yes, it has helped! Thank you very much for catching that :smile:

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