FCC Landing Project FeedBack

I can’t seem to figure out the form action error and I am still working on the sticky nav. On the form, I believe this is correct but doesn’t pass the test. On the nav I use the class “sticky-top” (Bootstrap) and it doesn’t seem to work. I made sure I added enough content to see if the nav would stick but it doesn’t. (fixed the nav situation. Should be using fixed-top)

Thanks for the help, any and all is appreciated!

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Ok, I figured both out. I didn’t read the error close enough and didn’t have a name attribute for the email input. All good.

Hey :smiley:
It’s a nice landing page, good designing and the alternating header images and video is a good idea.
But I’ve noticed two issues:

  • When the header is not displaying the video (display the following image or something), If I click video link in the navbar to go to the video, it doesn’t go…
  • Another issue: when playing the video If I want to pause it (from the buttons down in the controls) or change the volume… I can’t, I think this is because the class="carousel-control-next-icon" button as it overlaps the controls of the video

Hey, thanks for the heads up. Yea, the hot link to the section of the page is there to past the test and I would never have it set up that way if a real site. I thought it looked cool to be in the slider, maybe that was a bad idea? I will have to investigate to see if I can get the controls to work and to stop sliding when playing. Thanks for your feedback and taking a look Bro!

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you can make the controls height less than the parent element so they leave a space at the bottom making it possible to use youtube controls. And change the background color for them as when the slider displays a white image these controls disappear…

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Hi jel111, i just took a look to your project and is looking pretty good.
Good job!

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Your project looks nice! The only thing I don’t really like is the color of the navbar, It’s okay, but I think you might find a color that fits better.

I agree. What color do you think?

I think something that’s closer to the yellow container you have on the site, maybe something like #e8b06d. Colors are very subjective though, you have to experiment until you find one you like.

The first thing I noticed is the redundancy of having the Logo being the “home” button, and then having the “home” <a> right next to it. I would eliminate the “home” <a> and right justify the other three links. Secondly, the hover color is a little too subtle to make much of a difference. I try to make my hover colors contrast against the background color to make it really stand out.

For the Form section, try to make the width smaller. On laptop, it’s 80% which is ridiculously long, no one has an email address that long! It just cleans up the design.

Thank you! One thing is the Home issue. It needs it to pass the test. Other than that all good critiques!

First off, really good job. Here are a couple of thoughts.

  • you should get rid of the orange background all together. It makes your site look unbalanced.

I hope this helps you.

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