FCC map from start to finish?

I assume FCC is meant to go down the line as it is presented. Is this what everyone is doing? Following down the map? :wink:

In theory you don’t have to. But obviously things build on other things. Most people complete the front end thing first. It wouldn’t make sense to jump to the other two since they depend on knowledge you get in the front end section. Some people skip over the data visualization, which works since you don’t need the data visualization for the back end.

But unless you already know html, css, and javascript really well and are familiar with JQuery and AJAX, then I’d do the front end section first. That being said, only the items with asterisks next to their names on the map are required - you can skip those if you really know them. (But review is always good.) It’s the projects and most of the scripting that is required.

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I think you should do whatever interests you the most first. You’ll end up across each part again and again anyway.
I’m doing beta.freecodecamp.com and the order i did was responsive web design -> front end libraries -> apis and microservices -> information security, now i’m at data visualization and then i’ll do javascript last.

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I was working on the assumption that you were on the current fCC, not the beta.

There’s a video section that is further down toward the bottom of the map that I thought was helpful. Many of the videos cover really basic concepts that you likely already know (i.e. ‘Well, duh, of course I know what a computer is!’), but several also helped with introducing some new concepts in a basic way that you might find useful, as well, like some jargon that might have been unfamiliar to you before if you haven’t done much web development or programming before.

Apart from that, yeah, I’ve been going down the line in a linear fashion in the current version of FCC. However, I think I might make some forays into the beta and have a look at that API section, as I think it might help me with one of the front end projects I’m working on.

And I think, like @ksjazzguitar and @Selhar1 indicated, I don’t think there is a hard rule about the order you follow. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can skip through some sections and go straight to just the required exercises (indicated with *) in order to get your cert faster if you want to.