FCC Markdown Previewer using VsCode - how do I import bootstrap and get started?

I decided to make the switch from CodePen to Visual Studio Code.

The problem is, I’m new to it all and have little idea how to set up a React app.

I followed the ‘Using React in Visual Studio Code’

My questions so far:

  1. Is there a way to create a react app that or doesn’t have the default ‘learn React’ template? If I want to create a React app easily, do I have to really delete all the html, css and so forth? How do you create a blank template?

  2. How can I import bootstrap using terminal? Do I have to put the style-sheet in the header?

  3. Are there any guides on this project which uses vsCode? I’m quite happy to do most of it but just getting set up and using ‘marked’ is confusing to me.

I followed Dylan Isreal’s tutorial but it’s a little outdated and he’s using gitbash instead of CMD

  1. Am I right in using the terminal with these commands:
  • npx create-react-app fcc-markdown - this creates the react app named fcc-markdown
  • cd fcc-markdown - this selects the app
  • npm start - this starts the browser where everything will render like CodePens preview
  • cd fcc-markdown - selects the app
  • code . - runs vsCode

How do I install bootstrap there?

Is it better to use the computer terminal or the vsCode terminal?

Thank you for any help.

You can add bootstrap in the head portion of your html, but there is also a library especially for integrating Bootstrap in React.

Check this out and read the docs carefully:


It doesn’t matter if you use your normal terminal or your VS Code terminal. I use both interchangeably - it just depends what screen I’m on.