FCC Mobile App? also about SQL?

Is a FreeCodeCamp mobile app being developed or could one be developed? It would be convenient to just have the entire FCC curriculum on an app downloaded to my phone Samsung Galaxy S8. I would think it would be awesome to see something like this in the Google Play store for download. I know I can visit the website from my phone but being able to access it on my phone offline anytime would be cool, and definitely something I would download, I think others would too. I am also wondering if SQL could be added to the curriculum. A lot of dev jobs I have looked at want a strong foundation in SQL.

I believe that there is work being done to make FCC more mobile friendly. I assume that this will be a mobile-optimized web application, but I’m not in the know.

FCC does include lessons on databases. They teach using MongoDB, but you can choose to learn another database technology instead. Of course, learning a good database foundation in general makes learning a particular technology pretty straightforward so if you need something specific for a job you should be able to pick it up.