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i would be very glad if i will collect some feedback from you.

Thank you so much



The text color against the background in the top section is making it difficult to read the text. You need to use more contrasting colors, so the text is more visible.

Could you please check again ?

I fully agree with @RandellDawson

Text color is “blending” with the rest of the text and it is VERY hard to read.

Otherwise, all good.

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So, when you’re using colours for text and background the best approach to take is use a contrast checker. The more readable your site is the more people of all abilities and backgrounds will be able to check it.

I’ve pasted a link for you to be able to check contrasts. The optimum ratio to go for is 4.5:1 although when your font is larger and stronger (i.e. bold) then it can be ok to reduce this ratio to 3:1.


Have fun!

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