FCC:My Product Landing Page

I have created a product landing page for a freeCodeCamp responsive web design project which requires me to create a “Product Landing Page”.

For review

I would like to receive “code review” & suggestions on the following:

  • iframe & related CSS : whether the code can be simplified. The video should be responsive, maximum 560 px wide, horizontally centred, and maintain its aspect ratio.
  • footer : there is some unwanted margin around footer.
  • design & positioning etc. : some basic (nothing much difficult and more than the freeCodeCamp curriculum)
  • colour : suggestions for better colour combinations (without changing the overall theme), keeping in mind readability and accessibility like colour blindness, etc.
  • optimizations : code optimization, simplification, tidying, spotting duplicate code, etc.
  • grammar , maybe.
  • And finally, review for entire code is welcome.

Link to Web Page

Codepen - This code may be updated anytime.