FCC node and Express Challenges error

How do I fix this problem in my glitch app:

MongoError: cannot do raw queries on admin in atlas

I found this

and this

what is the solution? here is the link to my glitch app:
glitch app

I think the error message is pretty clear. You cannot do queries using an admin user in the client.

No sir, is not clear to me, I dont have experience with this. I did a search in google for ‘cannot do queries using an admin user in the client mongo db’ and this documentation came up, Do I have to do something with this?
If you can kindly tell what steps I have to take to fix this issue and what it means ‘cannot do queries using an admin user in the client’

Hey kravmaguy,

I was JUST able to figure this out. For whatever reason, the glitch template can’t make post requests when you use atlas cluster connection under node driver 3.0 or later. If your env file DATABASE starts with something like ‘mongodb+srv’ then you copied the driver 3.0 or later.

Try using driver 2.2.12 or later, copy it into the env database and wrap the whole string in quotes! That worked for me just now. Hope it goes well.

Once that works, you might run into another testing problem… which you’ll probably find the answer to in another thread that I posted on. good luck!