FCC or beta.FCC?

I am completely a newbie here but by the time I came to freeCodeCamp there are two versions of it. I’ve seen the “Map to learn code…” on normal FCC and there were a lot of coming soon topics and challenges so if Beta.FCC is here or coming, then what about those ‘coming soon’ topics? which one should I hold on to FCC or beat.FCC?

Hello @anirudh991 ,

This thread might be of interest:

@IsaacAbrahamson on this topic offered a useful suggestion: save all your projects in Github, so that you can resubmit them to either version of FCC, if need be.
You can also save your challenges’ solutions in github. That’s what I do for the algorithms that are required for the certifications.
The other advantage of this solution is it will help you get lots of green squares on your Github calendar! :slight_smile:

I hope it helps!

Thank you sis, that’s a really really great idea!! mm… but there’s just one doubt, how do we save challenges that we’ve completed ?

The challenges won’t save, but if you do your projects locally and then upload them to GitHub you can submit them when the beta becomes the official release.