FCC-Personal Portfolio Feedback (Complete)

Hello Campers!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, I can see and feel the improvements! Here is the link to my final project Responsive Web Design Certification Series: https://codepen.io/joesh/full/JjYdojE please go through it and give your feedback.

Thank you


Overall, I think your portfolio’s design is professional and accomplishes what it should. The mobile scaling appears to work well too. My suggestion would be to experiment a little bit more with color combinations and element shadows. Currently, I wouldn’t say I see a definite color scheme or relationship. I would recommend going to https://colorhunt.co/ to find some color palettes.

Good job :ok_hand:


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It’s pretty good, albeit I probably I won’t use emojis in the title, rather images, which programs can make.

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Thanks for the suggestions Chris! On to color hunt…

Thanks Dan. Let me remove the emoji… I bet, it’s gonna look great!