FCC Personal Portfolio feedback

Here it is:
FCC Personal Portfolio

I’ve tried to keep it simple, I think the contents will grow as I move forward on the courses…

All suggestions are welcome!!

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Looking good. :+1: I’d change font to something more readable(standard).

This especially is hard to read without trying. Try putting an overlay over your background to give more contrast for text.


The gaps between sections are HUGE on anything over 848px wide, check this article out Common webpage design mistakes.

Love the responsive navbar :+1:

Thanks and great article!!

I spent 5 minutes yesterday with PS trying to blur the image and make it more transparent. I also added shadow to the text. I don’t like the blur since the nice thing about the picture was the picture itself… In the end, I think I’m gonna choose some other photo, but I was anxious for feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not good at that. I wanted something… “elegant”, “sans serif”, for the general text, but not Arial or Verdana, some font that looks like it was made for this particular site. Couldn’t find any (yet) I also wanted some “more cool” font for the headers and titles but I’m even worse at combining fonts… Do you have any suggestions?

About this, it is intended so when you navigate with the navbar you see just one section at a time. May be I should find a way to change the height according to how you are navigating. That will take me some time.:sweat_smile: