FCC Pomodoro Clock, Can't get all audio tests to pass

Here is the link to the codpen
I can’t get both User Tests 28 and 29 to pass at the same time. The error begins User Test 29 (the third audio test):

3. The audio element with id of “beep” must stop playing and be rewound to the beginning when the element with the id of “reset” is clicked.

First thing is I don’t understand the error. The sound does stop when reset is pressed. But I was able to remove the error by manipulating the src attribute of the audio tag

handleReset() {
           let aud = document.getElementById("beep")
            if (!aud.paused) {
              aud.currentTime = 0;
              aud.src = ''

And then resetting the src attribute just as it plays in the tick ()method as it plays

tick() {
                let aud = document.getElementById("beep");
                aud.src = alarm;

That worked to get the test to pass but caused user Story 28 to fail:

2. The audio element with id=“beep” must be 1 second or longer.

At that point I substituted an 8 second sound just to be sure it was long enough. As it stands now I can pass one test or the other by including, or commenting, the line in handleReset()

aud.src = '';

Please help me to fix this.
(If you have followed it all the way to here, note that tick interval is set to 1/10 second to save your time when testing the program)

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Challenge: Build a Pomodoro Clock

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Welcome, pentsok.

Well done, on completing this project. I have been taking my fair time with mine.

The issue is that the audio does not stop when the reset button is pushed, when the timer has finished.

I recommend you try to figure it out from the hint above. I am sure you are able, but if you are tired here is the spoiler:

handleReset() {
        if (this.state.timerId != null) {
            this.setState({ timerId: null })

            let stopOrStart = document.getElementById("start_stop")
            stopOrStart.innerText = "Start"
            // let aud = document.getElementById("beep")
            //   aud.pause();
            //   aud.currentTime = 0;
              // aud.src = ''
      let aud = document.getElementById("beep")
      aud.currentTime = 0;
     // PS I do not see a reason to reset the aud.src

Hope this helps

Thanks so much. That did the trick. And, you are right, there is no good reason for aud.src = ‘’. It was an attempted fix (it worked but caused another test to fail)