FCC: Portfolio page feedback

Hi guys,

Look into my portfolio page and give some inputs if any.


Suggestions are welcome.

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Hi Maneesh, I think the structure is OK, howerver IMHO the colors do not work.
Let me suggest for you to google ‘Material pallette’ to find better colors.

thanks @SergeyWebPro for suggesting this site for colors.

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Also @maneeshkumar, welcome to check my css framework, easty to get started and use for minimalistic pages: https://lin-css.netlify.com/

Hi Maneesh Kumar, Keep it up. Some suggestions for the future to keep improving :slight_smile:
the text of your h2 with an id of “project-header” gets really small on some devices barely visible. Just some stuff to look into.
Keep on grinding! Peace

The project instructions call for the welcome section to cover the entire viewport, that’s why it is so big.

My bad forgot about that one :smiley:

Nice job!
I really like the red gradient in the first section.
The font you picked matches really nicely!
The Show All > project button goes to My projects in codepen. Not yours.