FCC Portfolio Project Thumbails

My portfolio page passes all it’s tests no problem. However in the FCC example portfolio they have used thumbnail/images of thier projects as links. I know how to use images as links but I don’t know how you would create a thumbnail of a project and use it.
If the answer is complicated then don’t worry about it as I am just titivating really. My project passes as is but would look cooler if my project cards had images. I could just use random similar images from the web I suppose which would be easy.

To create a thumbnail of a project, you can simply take a screen shot or “tab shot” and edit it down the size you need. I believe there are also services that will do this - you type in a url and it will generate an image for you. I don’t know if there are any services that will do this dynamically, but I imagine that something like that exists.

@Jaydog, you can read this part of codepen’s official documentation to find what you’re looking for.

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