FCC Portfolio - Text position

I can’t figure out why my text in the final contact section of my page is centered when I am using the editor, but is not when I change to full page view. As a side not, I’d also like to figure out why my page has a very slight horizontal scroll bar. All of my sections and the nav bar have a margin of 0.

I assume you’re intending to use flexbox. I don’t see:
for that section.
Looks fine after I added it.

The overflow is caused by the width: 100vw you are setting everywhere. You shouldn’t need a width except for on the nav and width: 100% should work just fine for that.

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I seem to remember trying flex on it before and it not working. But now it is… I must have been doing something wrong. But anyway, thanks it is sorted.

Ah yes . Removed them all and it’s gone. It was my first time trying to get sections to fit the screen exactly. I might have got a bit carried away. Thanks dude!

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