FCC Product Landing Page feedback wanted - Incomplete

Hey guys I am almost done with my product landing page just wanted some feedback

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I found the subject matter highly amusing but I would think that codepen would probably take a relatively dim view of hosting a shell of an illegal drugs online shop on their servers.

Surely there is a million and one other topics you could code about that doesn’t involve narcotics?

would it be better if i changed it to portobello mushrooms?

  • In orders, I would not center the labels on the left, instead try to align them to the right side of the column.
  • In the terms and conditions, the check box is kinda to far to the left, I’d make it closer to the text
  • Submit and clear has the same colour, which can confuse the user. I’d change it so that each one has a distinctive colours
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I would remove the bullet points from your list of terms and conditions or make them line up.

needs to improve in responsiveness

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Thanks for your feedback. I updated the labels, checkboxes and also changed the colors of the submit/clear buttons. It looks a lot better now !

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I removed the bullets and set them to come back when the screen is shrunk, i also fixed the table to stop and it looks better on smaller screens. Thanks for your feedback !

nicely done, good job

For me, your code is a bit punishing on mobile. Your body elements don’t need to be that thin when you’ve only got a small amount of real estate to play with.

(Posting this on mobile so can’t offer a sensible solution at the moment).

I changed the font size so its not so thin, does it look better now ?

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Very good now… And may be you may consider increasing the width of your page on a mobile viewport…

I read this comment after the the mushrooms were changed to portobellos and was slightly confused :wink:

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here’s my feedback:

why does it say ‘FCC Product Landing Page’ ?

is this site part of freecodecamp?

please let me know

This site is not part of freecodecamp its just my attempt at the Product landing page project