FCC Product Landing Page - Feedback

Hi all,

I spent this week working on the landing page project and would like some feedback on the code structure/syntax and overall aesthetics.

The navbar took by far the longest time to code, in fact, it took me three rewrites to get it to this stage even though it’s simple looking. Overall the landing page definitely felt like a step up in difficulty from the previous two projects and I felt like I’ve learnt quite a bit.


All feedback appreciated!


Andy, I reviewed your project.

I review projects doing video because it is more detailed and I am able to get my point across easier.

You are doing a great job! my landing page was not near as good when I started to learn to code. Keep up the good work!

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After watching your video I made several changes based on your feedback, which are:-

  • Tidied up the code in the HTML section and added comments, removed body tags, note: the FCC script doesn’t seem to work from the codepen “virtual header” so I left it where it was
  • Did a significant cleanup in the CSS section to make it easier to follow and added a backup font (woops!)
  • Increased the size of the news heading making it fit the width better
  • Made adjustments to various margins/padding throughout the page
  • Adjusted the email and subscribe button borders
  • Adjusted the size of all buttons
  • Added a new effect when you hover over buttons, thought it was pretty cool yet quite simple

Thanks for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated :+1:

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Awesome! It looks really good. Keep up the good work and if you need help or have any questions feel free to ask!

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Hi all!
After six days I’ve finished my Product Landing page too. Check it out please and give to me some of your feedback.


or it’s better to create a new topic to discuss this?

@Dimitrii, yes, you should create a new topic for yours

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Thanks again @Roma :+1: