FCC - Product Landing Page Project

Hello Campers,

I have just finished building of the Product Landing Page Project.

The link to the Product Landing Page Project is given below -


Your valuable feedback are always welcomed.
Thanks. :sunglasses:

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Hello @b-abhijit .

I can see by the quality of the project that you are not new to this. FCC Responsive Web Development certification asks you to write the projects in plain CSS, you will have the opportunity to work with bootstrap later. JS was not necesary but I suggest you use vanilla JS also as you will have in the third certificate opportunities to use jQuery.

Your product landing page is really good, I like the colors you chose and the font. Keep it up!

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Thanks for your candid appreciation.

But I think there is no restriction on the use of either Bootstrap or jQuery or JS. Because if you go through the description of the project and the user stories available in the freeCodeCamp curriculum (Build a Product Landing Page), you will find mentioning that Bootstrap or SASS can be used and also jQuery can be used at your own risk.

You have also mentioned that use of JS was not necessary. But how do you expect the smooth transition on Bootstrap scrollspy to work without the use of JS (even vanilla) ?

You are right. I just think that one should focus on vanilla CSS and JS to have a good base.

About smooth scrolling, check this w3schools example, it uses the CSS property “scroll-behavior” for smooth scrolling.

In this example, you can’t use any time constraint to control the duration of smooth transition.