Fcc -product landing page

I have completed my product landing page and I would like to know your suggestions regarding this project,to look better.

Your design is not responsive in a couple of ways. When I shrink the width of the browser window (which you should be doing) you will see the top nav bar is not growing to accommodate your nav links. Instead, they just overflow into the section below. Also, you also have a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom, because certain elements in your page are of fixed sized and not changing based on the width of the device.

I am new to coding and started learning through free code camp
Thank you for your feedback,I have made some changes (navigation bar responsive ). If there are any errors suggest me and help me

Great landing page! The 3D rotation animation on the “Explore our boxes” tiles is really nice.

  • The text transparency in the "SEASONAL & FRESHLY PICKED " section seemed high, making it hard to read against the image background.
  • Looks like the .window element has a z-index = 100; which causes it to overlay the nav bar along the top when scrolling but all the other content scrolls underneath. Removing that rule seemed to fix it for me

Happy Coding!

Thank you for your feedback.