FCC Product Page - Echo

Hi everyone,

I’ve just completed the product page project. I would love to receive your feedback on this :).




Hi @alwinvankuijk !

I think your page looks great.

Just a couple of things.

All images need alt attributes.
You should not leave them blank.

It looks like you have two opening iframe tags.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, @jwilkins.oboe !

Fixed it. I shouldn’t have missed that haha.

Wow… your page looks great!! I’m doing this challenge next. Not sure I could do half as good as you did! :muscle:

Thank you @nikkiczx !

Good luck! Looking around for inspiration really helped me out. Maybe you can try it too :).

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This is great @alwinvankuijk !

Your page inspired me to go back to the product page I’d be working on and try to make it look nicer!

If I had to give any feedback, I’d say your “features-section” could maybe have a little space above it to allow things to ‘breathe’. Looks like you have a little more space on the bottom but the text for “1.” and the image are quite close to the top edge. I think if you matched the previous sections there, and for the video that could look good.

That’s really just nitpicking though, nice job!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback @lsp01 !

I’ve made the changes and I think it really helps the page look better :smiley:.

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