FCC Project #2 - Survey Form

Hi all,

Please review and leave feedback. Everything is appreciated. Thank you!


Looks great! Makes me want to fill it out so I can get my finances in order.

The only thing I would change is the duplicate background statement in your CSS. I wouldn’t worry about older browsers and it’s not on the tip of my mind but that’s not the correct way to handle it. In CSS when you have a duplicate like that it will just be overwritten by the next one. Hence the “Cascading” in CSS.

I wondered about the duplicate backgrounds but I had copied the code from https://uigradients.com and didn’t question it. After looking at the code on Chrome I noticed one background was lined out. This makes sense now. Thank you!

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From a design perspective, in my opinion, the italics for the questions and header are unnecessary and a bit distracting. There is a minor typo in the last box: “enter you concerns here” should be “your” instead of “you.”

Other than that, the page is well-formatted, nice job! I especially like the way the box around ‘Personal Information’ is designed, with the box cutting off at the text. Can I ask how you made that?

@codemamba that’s a <fieldset> tag. It’s used to group related elements in a form. I’ve used it too and you’re right, it gives a nice touch.


Yes, as Roma said, I used the fieldset tag:


I noticed how nice it looked on other project pages and added it to mine. I had trouble with the text boxes not fitting inside the Personal Information box when resizing the browser window until I added the media queries.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I’ve looked at this page so often that I completely missed typos!

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Good job !!
The form looks pretty good just like a professional one.