FCC project 3: Build a Product Landing Page

Finally done! Took more time than I initially expected but in the end I’m satisfied, really wanted to use an image bg tho, but I ended up never finding what really clicked with me so for now I’ll keep it simple (or barren if wanna be objective). Really happy with how the “services” icons turned out, first time doing that kind of stuff so I can’t complain.

I commented out a little dropdown theme selector on which I plan to expand upon a little in the future since I wanna treat project this as testing ground for implementing the future things I’ll learn during the course. PEACE :japanese_goblin:

(I tend to be wordy trought the veil of anonimty and sometimes what I end up writing might not look that good, english isn’t my first language so you’ll have to overlook some mistakes from my part, ty)


Your page looks good @Katroya.
Maybe instead of a background image or leaving it the glaring white you can find a color for background-color that looks like ceramic. How would #fc9468 look?
As an aside, styling is ultimately your choice. Take mine and others suggestions as just that, suggestions. You don’t have to implement them.

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THANK YOU! Using colors tied to pottery is a really good idea, it’s the thing I dind’t even know I was missing. I’ll be sure to work with it in the next update to the page.

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