FCC Project 4 : Technical Documentation Page Review (Feedback Required)

Hello Campers, I have completed my Techincal Documentation Page project successfully, I request you all to check and review my project :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Technical Documentation Page

hi Naveen

I noticed something that isn’t working correctly which is the scroll bar on the navigation area (the left side scroll).
When the browser is not at full size (I reduced the length and width of mine by about 75%), the scroll bar freezes and does not respond to the mouse clicks. Instead I see the mouse turns to a circle with a diagonal bar going across it.

You should allow scrolling when the screen is not full size because people may want to review a topic at the bottom without scrolling through everything with the right scroll control.

Another observation is the small screen responsiveness. To take your implementation to a more usable interface, you should make the menu collapse and stay on the screen no matter how far down we scroll. That way we can always open it and jump to a different place in the documentation. (right now you just keep it as a static menu at the top and we have to scroll manually up and down the topics)

Congrats on achieving your certification and wishing you all the best in your future learning efforts.

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hey thanks a lot for taking time and reviewing my project, can you please tell me the width in px so can I check where my scrollbar is not working :roll_eyes: sorry for bothering you, as well as when the screen is not full size the navbar become static and you can easily navigate through by clicking on topic name

and I will work on my small size responsiveness thanks a lot, campers like you will make me a good developer :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Naveen

finding the pixel w/h is hard but I would guess about 3100 wide by 2000 height.

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hey, thanks for the reply, that means you are talking about extra large devices actually I have tested in all devices what I have as well as I have tested on Responsive Design Checker too, and everything is fine

not sure exactly what you mean by extra large device. I am on a 15" laptop right now.

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thanks a lot i will get back to as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

perhaps the numbers I gave are wrong… I’m not really sure how to measure it. Basically I just decreased my browser to about 75% of it width and height.

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in responsive design checker i have found that 15 inch notebook have 1366 x 768 measurements

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hey, i have have resized my project in my 15.6 inch laptop and everything is working fine for me :open_mouth: