FCC Project feedback - Three Projects

Hi all!

I just finished some projects from RWD curriculum and wanted to get feedbacks and comments about my work.

Here are the links to my projects:

Tribute Page:

Survey Form:

Product Landing Page:

Comments and suggestions are very much welcome!


They all look great! I really like the tribute page and the landing page. The landing page has a broken link for your image on the top left. The three cards with prices at the bottom are a nice touch!

Thanks! Yes, I am currently working on a logo right now. Lookong forward on building a portfolio!

I’d put a min-width on my container type divs so that things don’t ever get so small that it messes up the formatting of the page. For example, on your awesome tribute page, I’d add min-width : 350px to #main in the css.

On the product landing page when I click the links they don’t go to the exact location of where they should. It cuts off the section headings… so when I click on Services, it takes me to that part on the page but it cuts off the top of that section. Look into ::before for css, it can make these links go where you intended.

All of your projects look very well polished and clean to me.

The colors you chose for your tribute page are really nice. That mellow gray with the sharp red is great.