FCC Project not starting up

Hi, I’m cloning the FCC repo onto my windows laptop and while running gulp it is showing me could not find module babel-core/register. I tried installing babel-core using npm install babel-core/register but it is showing me a lot of errors.

Can someone help me with this please?

You have too many erros to read over there… and we must overcome our lazyness sometimes!! heheheh … this logs is written exactly for us to read, and figure out what exaclty is missing.

In a quick read it’s possible to see some node and npm version errors.

(check if you’re installing / updating it all with Admin authentication, or then you might have permissions errors too, maybe you already had there)

One tip would be to update node and npm to latest stable version.
(Go to npm docs and node docs as well to figure out how to do it properly, I guess you update node with an npm command as well).



… Then you would want to update Babel too, or install it form scratch, the way it’s described id babel docs

…and as far as I could see in the docs… the right way to install babel register is:

npm install babel-register --save-dev

Well try to clean up the mess later , using things like npm doctor:

… and check if node has some kind of doctor function too…

Read a bit … get used to it… it’ll help a lot


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