FCC project testing tool

Hello there! Life got me back to coding and back to Free Code Camp I do have a bit of Front-End knowledge even so I have started the curriculum from scratch to refresh my memory.

I am currently publishing my tribute page in github pages and I have a problem to get the FCC test enviroment running.

The exact error I get in the console while running it is:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null
at Module. (bundle.js:154)
at r (bundle.js:1)
at bundle.js:1
at bundle.js:1

Does anybody knows what this means?

I’ve found the FCC test suite won’t work if it’s loaded in the <head> section of the html; it only works within the <body>. Is this the case for your project? Could you share a link to your project?

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Thank you it works fine now!