FCC Redesign, New Challenges Feedback

I just wanted to say that I really like the redesign. It took me by surprise when I logged in and saw that things had changed but the new topics and the new information is amazing. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the small issues get squashed out (A few information only topics don’t get checked off, but I saw that in the github issues already)

I’m actually going to start over to refresh myself on HTML/CSS since I flew through that before and now I’m starting to understand how important it is for me to understand it.

Thanks guys, you are doing great work!


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Looks great really, especially the JS Algo and DS Certification, particularly the es6, regex and the split of oop and functional programming section.

Also the Coding Interview Prep is awesome, its the continuation of JS A&DS challenges.

I guess those who keeps ranting about not to learn javascript as first language will shut up a bit because of this new fcc curriculum.

However, the new curriculum looks overwhelming, it will be impressive if someone could actually complete the whole course.