FCC Relevance with AP Compsci?

I know that this question is more specific for me than probably anyone else :grimacing: I currently take AP Computer Science in high school, and I know that AP Compsci is pretty far from front-end development in FCC, which I recently started working on. I feel like I’m missing something that will let the two integrate better, as in a certain topic I should look at / things to concentrate on at school?

Goals of AP Computer Science A
Students should be able to
• Design, implement, and analyze solutions to problems;
• Use and implement commonly used algorithms;
• Develop and select appropriate algorithms and data structures
to solve new problems;
• Write solutions fluently in an object-oriented paradigm;
• Write, run, test, and debug solutions in the Java programming
language, utilizing standard Java library classes and interfaces
from the AP Java subset;
• Read and understand programs consisting of several classes
and interacting objects;
• Read and understand a description of the design and
development process leading to such a program; and
• Understand the ethical and social implications of computer use

There are coding concepts that transcend the choice of languages. You are going to be exposed to some formal computer concepts in your class. You will be exposed to algorithmic thinking. Java is an excellent way to learn object oriented programming.

Mugh of what you learn in your class will not apply directly to FCC’s program, but you are going to learn a lot of very good concepts that will help. IMHO, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of that class.