FCC Responsive Web Design Beta bugs I found today:

Hello people of FCC!

I’ve been doing the Responsive Web Design Beta program today and come across a few bugs which I’ll list in order. I have an Asus Chromebook C434 and I was using Chrome :

  1. First off, the app started to bog down after I started the second section (starting CSS) to the point where you had to wait several minutes between keystrokes. My internet was fine, so I checked my processes… Turns out this tab was taking just over 6GB of memory and all CPU usage. And no, I didn’t have many tabs open. refreshing the tab helped, but the memory usage soon crept up again.

  2. I’m on step 19 of CSS where you add the background colour. I’ve typed brown, but it’s definitely red. maybe not a bright red (more like rust red) but not really brown.
    (screenshot available)

  3. I’ve gone through the entire first section tonight and it still shows I’ve done none of it (although it did come back when I finished the first CSS section).
    (screenshot available)

Other than that, the new course is excellent. I did the HTML part of the old course the other day and was reticent to redo it on the beta, as I figured it would be exactly the same, but it’s excellent!!! Can’t wait for it to go live!
Sorry if this is not the right place to report bugs. If not, please tell me and I’ll move/send it to the right place.

Thanks all,

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Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

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Glad you like it @DevOps-DoDo :tada: Thanks for the feedback.

I’m not saying there isn’t any problems, but I just went through that CSS project and some of the project after it on firefox. Had a few tabs open, as well as other browsers and applications. Didn’t see any memory spike like that. It hovered around 470mb, and peaked at about 500mb.

2015 macbook pro - 8gb memory

If you continue to experience this, let us know. Maybe we can pinpoint what the issue is. One suggestion I would make is to disable any browser extensions, and maybe give it a try on another browser.

Also, I had no issue with my progress being saved.

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