Fcc-rwd personal portfolio

hey guys i finished my portfolio and set up on githoob and would like feedbacks


thank you have a nice day

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hmm, is this meant to be a professional portfolio for applying to jobs? Reason I ask is the use of cartoon imagery on your landing page where I’m supposed to get my very first impression of you… You sure about that decision? (Are you planning for eg to only apply to jobs in companies affiliated with that cartoon?)

thank you very much for feedbacks

this is a portfolio for fcc at the moment to help me learn html and css and by no means for applying to jobs just like the fcc sample portfolio.

would appreciate feedback on different screens as i only have 1366px of real estate,

if there is a cartoon company looking for that type of design i would very much be happy to apply :blush:

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hello, good job , i like it ! you are free to put a cartoon in your potfolio, the cartoon is an artistic work…in my portfolio i put a lot of animation …look : UX Web Designer