fCC__RWD--Personal Portfolio

Hey, there!
I’ve just completed the freeCodeCamp Responsive Webdesign 5th project Personal Portfolio.
Check it out :point_down:

Any suggestions will be appreciated. :smiley:


Hey Ajay,

great work, I like it!

My ideas:

  • you can format your code by clicking the small arrow in the HTML and CSS window and click Format HTML/CSS; this will increase the readability of your code a lot
  • the page is scrollable to the right without a plausible cause, I think the scrollbar doesn’t look nice

Keep us posted!

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@miku86 Thank you much.

Can you tell me how to remove right side scrollbar?
I really don’t have an idea where it comes from.

Good job, especially since you did it by yourself!

How did you do it?

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@miku86 Design is not mine, but I coded it. I used the parallax scrolling effect.
I haven’t used any animation and transition yet. It’s just pure HTML and CSS.

I don’t know about how to remove but I can tell you how to customise it…
By the way great work…
Very professional.

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@gsatyamsingh2001 Thank you for your suggestion.

Here is an updated version personal portfolio :point_down:

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Can i ask how you made those images in the background of work section??

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@gsatyamsingh2001 I used the parallax effect.

You can watch videos on how to make a parallax scrolling effect on youtube or w3school.

not the effect …
the images is what i’m asking about

@gsatyamsingh2001 Check out this

I also made one.

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