FCC Simon Game review required

Hi camper fellows, Today I’m happy to complete my first certification at FCC.
It took me to complete the certification 1 and half years and I coded in my spare time from jobs I’ve been doing in different Lahore based agencies.

Here is my last project under my Front-end certification.
FCC Simon Game

I used…
Brackets editor
and Google Fonts

Pls leave your comments Thanks.
Happy Coding…!

Really nicely done. How did it take you to finish this particluar one?

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Thanks @Webnell ,
First I coded it in HTML BS4 and little CSS.
Then I planned the logic of the game.
like what to do when switch is clicked in its off state and on.
What variables will change by clicking strict button.
How the buttons will change their color to pretend like they glow .
When computer plays the color buttons it records the sequence in an array same is done for the player clicks. Every time player clicks the color buttons the value being pushed in array is compared with corresponding value in other array. if the values in both arrays are sync its going good . if wrong press then it replays the sequence or resets the game (strict).
Rest You can look at the code.
Happy coding.

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