FCC suggestions for improvement

I am a high school student taking computer science I. As a class, we have found fCC to be an incredibly useful tool. We have also been learning about a method of feedback submission often used in larger companies called Agile. In this system, a user story is given, alongside some acceptance criteria to help guide implementation. I found that freeCodeCamp was a perfect service to provide feedback on given its prominence in our course. With that, here is our user story and acceptance criteria.

As a freeCodeCamp user, I want a togglable real-time JavaScript interpreter so that I can debug more quickly and effectively without hurting system performance while writing the main body of the code.

  • I can turn on real-time interpretation
    • Code is interpreted in real time
  • Console is cleared at the beginning of each interpretation
    • I can turn off real-time interpretation
    • Code is only compiled when ctrl + enter is pressed
    • Console is cleared at the beginning of each new compilation
    • Less demanding of system
  • I can toggle real-time interpretation with a button on the challenge page
  • The button can be found above the “run tests” button on the left side of the page
  • I cannot pass the test until I run the code with ctrl + enter
    *The tests at the bottom of the page do not update until the code is run

Are you a student of Derryfield school?

Yes, I am! Have you had experience with us in the past? FreeCodeCamp is an important part of our computer science classes.

No, but since you all are posting for the same reason, it would be best to have a single thread of all of your ideas instead of posting individually in the forum as separate topics. Better yet, the most appropriate place to post such a suggestion is to review the following link on contributing and follow the steps to make suggestions for improvement.

I am going group all of your classmate’s suggestions into your thread to keep the forum less cluttered.

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I have been using FCC to learn html for several month, and found the challenges to be not helpful enough. I feel that small scale, project-like practices should be there for each section (a set of 3-5 challenge around a topic e.g.positioning) would be helpful, for they improves the problem-solving ability of the users.

It will be great if they are also in the “map” of challenges, but in different color (like red). They should be medium challenging, which means takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Like challenges, they should also have tutorials available in the forum, that would be helpful.


I am just thinking as I was using FCC-- The JavaScript interpreter isn’t real-time.

Now it is indeed it helps that it would not dump out trash info as I was coding, but pressing Ctrl+Enter is a pain in the butt during the debugging process.

It would be great if we can have a real-time interpreter that we can manually turn on or off as we are coding. It will be a lot of help.


As a high school student on freeCodeCamp I want the error message to appear after I exit the line I am typing on so I can have less distractions while I work.

Here are the requirements for the proposed change:

I can type whatever amount without the error appearing so long as I am on the one line.
The amount of code I could type would be infinite.
If the line wraps around the error doesn’t appear.

I can exit to any line of code through any input and have the message appear after.
Methods of exit include the enter key, arrow keys, and mouse left click

I can turn the feature off so it constantly informs me of my errors.
The setting would be in settings.
The setting would be saved between uses.

We are students at the Derryfield school and we were given the task of making feedback on FCC.
User Story
As a beginner Computer Science student, I want more reference points (more links) so I can use different sources to help understand why the written code does what it does as well as more efficiently write the code.

Acceptance Criteria:
I can have the option to choose from 3 different links for further explanations on the different functions of the code.
Options located underneath the ‘run test’ button.
Our new ‘help’ button would be available during and immediately after each lesson.

I can have the option to choose between a written, drawn, or vocal explanation of different functions of code.