FCC Survey Form -- feedback please

I don’t know if I should have changed the text or building it myself with google and revisiting lectures is enough, and for future projects as well same question, is chaning text needed or optional? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @danijel7 !

For all of these projects, you are not expected to do the same as the samples.
It is encouraged to build projects with your own content.
The sample is just one way to do things.

That is exactly what you should do because that is what real developers do.
Learning how to research is important.

As to your form, I think it looks good.

I would add the cursor pointer to the submit button.

You might also consider changing the placeholder text to show the user examples of the input instead of saying “enter your name, email etc”

Hope that helps!

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Thanks I made those changes, and will do it with my new content for future projects then,takes a bit of time to think about what content to put but i will do it :smiley:

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