Fcc-Survey form, please comment


Hello @Kimotho. It looks like you still have some work to do. The color changing is a no-go for my eyes. I would nix it and leave it a solid color. When it gets darker it hides the words.

One of the first things you should have added was the <form> element.

I can see a with id=“survey-form”

You should also use the html format tool and especially the analyze tool. It will help you clean up your markup. Click the drop down arrow at the to of the html section to find those tools.

Keep at it you’re well on your way there.

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Hi there,

good work so far!

My Ideas:

  • the color changing effect is painful for me, especially the black on blue combo.
  • some spacing between the inputs would increase the readability
  • some left margins between the checkboxes and the text would increase the readability
  • the submit-button would benefit from a bigger font size and some padding, because it is a very important part of the page
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Thank you for your feedback as well as advise on how to improve my project.Considering that this is my second project at freecodecamp , i appreciate your positive criticisim .

thanks for your feedback