FCC survey form. Please feedback

I tried to make something different with this task, a bit more fun I think, testing my creativity. Please rate my work. suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you.


Looks pretty good! Few suggestions.

  • Bottom borders of input boxes are hard to read since they don’t contrast well. I would change it from black to white.
  • Try aligning input boxes with labels. They are slightly off.
  • You have a input box of text floating next to checkbox of other.
  • Center your header and submit button.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Try this with your form fields.
If you want to keep them dark, just make the border a contrasting color to make them stand out a bit.

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It looks good @lorthbroth. Just a couple of things;

  • take the styling out of HTML (style="list-style: none;") You have it multiple times. Do your styling in CSS
  • don’t use <br> in HTML. Use padding/margin in CSS instead
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thank you very much!