FCC Survey Form Project 2

Please, help me check out my survey form and tell what you feel about it

Good job overall!

  • Consider using a different background pattern/picture, something greenlike since it’s related with FreeCodeCamp.
  • Remove whitespace around the page. It can be default body tag giving set margins/paddings around it.

Cheers :+1::tada:

Functionally I think you’ve done a fine job here. I would consider setting a min-width on the page around 320px or so just so it doesn’t compress forever. The smaller it gets below 400px the worse it looks. I would argue that even at 400px your text starts to become unreadable, being spread over too many lines and making checkboxes hard to tell what they are saying. Perhaps consider a break point with a media query around 400px or 500px so that your question is above the answer options, instead of beside them.

Edit: I wasn’t going to mention style, but I will touch on it briefly. Your Submit button has white text on a grey background which breaks accessibility and isn’t a recommended visual design in general. Consider all age groups and ability when designing colors, and make sure you follow the color contrast recommendations which I have linked with approximately your colors in place. The hover color you have of white text on green is much more visible.