FCC Survey Form Project Feedback

Hello Campers,

I have just finished the Survey Form Project.

The link to the Survey Form Project is given below -


Your feedback are always welcomed.
Thanks in advance. :sunglasses:


That’s a really nice project! Here’s mine, finished it a few days ago. https://codepen.io/hasz/full/mZqJjB

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Thanks for appreciation. Yours project is also a nice one.

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thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

@b-abhijit, your form requires the user to choose Linux or they cannot proceed.
For ‘date of birth’ 111 is acceptable in your form

It’s marked with required for some reason. At least I can proceed because I use linux… :smiley:

Now you can submit the form either by choosing Linux or not and 111 is no more acceptable in DOB.
You can try.

Also, what if the user uses a different language? What if they use Crystal? You might want to add an Other option there too :wink:

@Steffan153 This is just a sample survey form. In actual case, depending on the requirement as many programming languages options as needed can be added.