FCC survey form Project

Here is my survey form project.Feedback is welcome!.

Link is broken! please check and try to redeploy

Could you tell me how and why it is broken

It shows 404 (Page Not Found) error.

I completed survey project but i don’t know how to submit URL to Free CodeCamp.
So, could you tell me how to submit completed projects. This is new to me.Please help me.

Haha your project was making a 404 error page yes?
I thought it’s showing an error :grin:
If you would prefer like my reply.

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yes, but why it shows 404 error message
can you give any suggestions

The problem was the underscore at the end.
Just remove it and you should’t get any error.

oh,thank you so much.

You’re welcome. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

@PaoloDiBello good catch :+1:

Dear @Prameela_Malladi
It looks very good! Some very good stuff I likes are:

  • It’s responsive, very good!
  • Placeholder for text fields! very good.
  • no any default value for combo boxes, superb.

And the issues I think you could work on them:

  • Seems like the background image you used is a little small, so it’s very pixely as it goes in cover, You may use better image, or render it as tile.
  • Radio and checkboxes have no associated labels(not good!). Use label tag to associate the text to a radio or checkbox. It helps the user easily select a radio or checkbox by clicking on text.
  • In CSS rules, you used both relative and absolute units , use relative for all. Make you sure most screens will have almost same rendering.
  • There is a solid gray background color for the footer when screen is so narrow, I think it’s not very good. Especially the bottom margin is less than the top.

Overall looks very good! I prefer a light theme, but it looks very good too.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Thank you so much for giving me a very constructive feedback.
and yes I will go back to improve more on what you pointed out
Thank you.

I think you have deleted it

On top of your code pen you we see sign up it’s free sign and copy the URL open the project and past it finally submit