FCC Survey Form Sample

In FCC sample survey form, there is a class defined in html as “rowTab” but there is no mention of it in the CSS tab. Can anyone explain to me why it is even used? TIA

I don’t think it does anything. I think they just named it that. To the person who wrote it, it’s more descriptive than calling it a ‘div’.

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.rowTab itself is not styled but .labels and .rightTab push off of it with margin.

It creates a nice little independent module for each type of question. Styling each type of question can be done independent of surrounding questions and then inserted just about anywhere without worry that the styling would need to be tweaked to work in the new position.

If you put a style of outline:solid red 1px; on the .rowTab class you’ll see that they stack up quite predictably with no need to consider the contents.

Got it. Thanks a lot.