FCC Survey form says 10/17 even though I have 'required' fields in input IDs

Would anyone be able to tell me what error I am making with the requirement fields? From what I can read on MDN, W3, and even inspecting elements on the mock survey example on FCC my html tag for the input and labels appears correct? I keep getting those parameters of the project wrong, however.

I’ll give you a hint that should fix a few of these errors. Look closely at the <label> tags for your text inputs at the top of the page. The <label> tags don’t have a for attribute that points to the id of the text input. The <label> tags do however have an id that is exactly the same as the id for the text input. You can’t have duplicate ids. So if you want an id on the <label> then it has to be different from the id on the text input.

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Fixed it! Thanks for the tip =)