FCC Technical Documentation - Any Feedback?

Hey! How are you doing?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my technical documentation on Django. (trying to learn Flask and Django… What is a better method than creating a project involving me working with the raw documentation… xD)

Most importantly, I was looking for feedback on the design, responsiveness, best practices in my code, and almost any other type of criticism. All the text was copied and pasted from the actual documentation.

Also, one problem that I came across was the styling of the <pre> and/or <code> tags. I tried linking to an external CDN link (I assume that is the correct terminology) which styled it for me. Like coloring the text and indentation. But it didn’t quite work with a responsive layout. Is there any other better CDN links or should I manually style? Any examples would help me.

Thanks so much for reading! And enjoy the rest of your day/afternoon/night!
Here is the link to my Codepen

I have fixed and improved my media queries to make the web page more responsive. Thoughts?

It looks good! To improve the look on smaller screen you could try hiding the sidenav on smaller screen and if you feel extra fancy, try adding a button to open it close it on smaller screen.

Woah! Took a decent amount of time for me but with the help of www.w3schools.com, I was able to implement an alternative menu when the window was resized to a small size. It includes a hamburger icon which follows the user as they scroll and transitions to a menu where users can click on anchor tags to direct them to specific sections on the page.

Don’t worry all the code I borrowed from www.w3schools.com was credited and I went over and analyzed the code to grasp an understanding.

What do you think of all the changes? Any future improvements? Thanks for all the suggestions! :smile: