FCC Technical Documentation Page- Help Please!

Hi guys,

I thought I’d reach out to the forum before I throw my laptop in the bin.
I haven’t coded in a couple of months and have forgotten quite a few elements etc.
On a positive, I have been able to muster up some of the stories for this project but I am totally lost with two (12 & 13). I would be so grateful if someone out there could help me!

Also, I have been able to keep my navbar fixed on the left but I can’t see my remaining list.

Thanks for your help!

NOOOOOO!!! :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the forum! Would be great if you could share a codepen with the test suite.

Thanks for the response Michael. Haha, I wouldn’t. I totally forgot share the codepen link

Hi Michael, this is my Codepen https://codepen.io/djhonza/pen/YzyZWJE?editors=0110
Much appreciated.

These links need to adhere to a very particular naming convention. Basically, the ID, href, link text and text in header should all be the same. ID and href should contain identical numbers, special characters and capitalisation. “_” should replace space characters.

Short: copy & paste + replace " " with "_"


// nav
  <h2><a href="#7)_Some_exercise" class="nav-link">7) Some exercise</a></h2>

// section
  <section class="main-section" id="7)_Some_exercise">
    <header>7) Some exercise</header>

PS: Your hrefs were missing "".

Michael, thank you thank you thank you!!!


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