FCC Technical Documentation Page (R)

A small introduction to the basics of the R language. If you have any good advice thanks https://codepen.io/lefteriskl/full/jpwNOz/

So, so looks good. I would lighten up the background of the main-doc, b/c as it stands it’s dark on dark. Second, the navbar text is just too big. I’m sorry if i’m being picky; I’m a designer. Also, put some padding on the main-doc. That’s all!

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thanks! Nice to hear that, coming from a designer. I will apply the corrections soon.

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This seems nice, lighten up that background a lot and make that navbar smaller.

The navigation bar should flex from the side of the screen to the top using @media. --> http://quirktools.com/screenfly/

Add a mimuim body with of 320 - 300 px


thanks, the screenfly tool is just what I needed to see how the website looks on other devices.

What do you mean by “flex from the side of the screen to the top”? I can only think of flex-direction:row or flex-direction:column

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You have the navigation bar and the documentation area in a row. Surround them both in a div and flex it into a column on certain screen size.

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