FCC Test Tribute Page

Hi guys,

I just finished working on my first project -test tribute page. Constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks!!!

FCC Test Tribute Page

Hello! Main problem with your project is that it isn’t passing the test suite!

And in my opinion, you should make it your own style, I mean, pick a different subject, another important person.

This is mine, for example: https://codepen.io/joelfilho/full/eMzrdO/

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Please explain what you mean by it isnt passing the test suite ??

In the JS settings of your CodePen page, you have to include the CDN for the test suite:


Alright…Let me copy and paste the link. Thanks!!!

I have copied and pasted the link in the JS settings of my codepen page and its giving me an error mesage…index.js: Unexpected token (2.63)

It looks nice. I would suggest using margins instead of multiple <br> and figcaption (Figcaption on w3schools.com) for picture and its description. In overall, good job!

P.S. Html5 tags can be very handly!

Thank you very much!!!