FCC to Blockchain developer - my experience

Hi all,

I went through FCC in 2016-2017 and I want to share my experience and provide some words of encouragement to anyone that is having a hard time.

After getting through ~70% of the program I got my first programming job as web developer at a business intelligence company (we turned data into graphs to make it easy for people to interpret it). Once I landed the job, I stopped working through the curriculum and have yet to finish :grin: but I often come back to the site to brush up on certain skills. My advice is to start applying for jobs before you think you are ready. Job interviews provided great experience and guidance as to what I should learn. And it was interesting to see what jobs in software companies looked like.

The hiring manager for the position had flown in Masters of Computer Science graduates from around the country, but many of them couldn’t explain how to update the DOM using jQuery. This was great for me, as that was one of my limited skills at the time :smile:

Employment gave me a huge boost in confidence and helped me realize that even expert programming google solutions to their programming problems all the time. They ask for help when they don’t understand. They were doing the same things that I learned here, they just had a lot more experience doing it. Keep it up, y’all are learning the right stuff here!

As of now, I have moved on from that job and am working for a blockchain company, helping web developers learn how to develop and deploy blockchain dApps on Ethereum. I went through ConsenSys Academy’s Blockchain Developer Bootcamp, the only one that I’ve paid for after going through FCC, and it was pivotal in getting me where I am today. If you have any interest in the future of blockchain technology I can’t recommend it enough.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about anything, I’d love to chat!



Great story, thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile: :clap:

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Congrats on beating out candidates with more conventional backgrounds and getting the job.

And thanks for sharing your story, and some of the tools you’re using on the job.

The freeCodeCamp Guide Blockchain section could definitely benefit from expansion and covering more aspects of the field. One immediate way you could contribute back to the community would be to help write some guide articles on this. Any interest?


Hi @critesfcc Thank you for sharing your story. It was kind of an inspiration for me :innocent:
Same as you, I am following FCC now and in the meantime I am following Blockchain courses at Blockgeeks as well. I am hoping to find a Blockchain developer job. Before landing the blockchain dev job, did you do some freelancing work to gain experience?

People with a masters that cant do dom manipulation? What…

Can you recommend a practical cryptography course?

Hard to believe someone with a masters could not figure out how to do that in a very very short amount of time.

Great story and congrats on your success! In regard to the ConsenSys Academy Blockchain Developer Bootcamp, did you take the instructor led one or the fully self-paced version?

i’m new in programming just starting from the basic html, but my aim is blockchain dev. pls any remm. on area of focus?

Hi @mbuotidemaniekop10!

Welcome to the forum!

You could look into taking some classes on edX for blockchain as a way to get started.